Due to restrictions on events this year, Rugby Round Table have decided not to hold this years Rugby Fireworks Show but instead gave the people of Rugby the chance to win this fabulous prize for just £2. This raffle closed at midnight on the 31st October 2020 and we would like to thank everyone who bought a ticket.

For over 5 decades, the profits from ticket sales are reserved for local charities and good causes, and Rugby Round Table hope to put on our annual Fireworks Spectacular in November 2021.

If you are having fireworks at home this year, you can download a free Fireworks Safety, Set-Up, Lighting and Disposal Guide from our fireworks sponsor's online fireworks shop www.rugby-fireworks.co.uk  There is also an FAQ section which gives more information on home fireworks, the UK laws covering fireworks, and links to animal welfare sites for guides on looking after animals when fireworks displays are going on.,

Please remember the following key safety advice;

  1. Buy your fireworks from a licenced retailer - i.e. a proper shop or online shop. You must be 18 years or over to buy fireworks. DO NOT buy from ebay or Gumtree or the person down the pub - these fireworks are likely to be illegal in the UK and could be dangerous
  2. Always read the label
    All fireworks sold legally in the UK must have a CE marked label which gives instructions on how to set them up and the required safety distances required. Different fireworks have different safety distances.
    When you choose your fireworks make sure you have enough space to set up the fireworks and that your spectators can be at least the minimum safety distances.
  3. Known where and when you can legally set off fireworks. Make sure you have the landowners permission to set off fireworks – if it is your garden then you will be ok, but a public park or public street is not ok - it is illegal to set off fireworks in a public place. Fireworks can be set off any day of the week, but not after 11pm except for; Bonfire Night Nov 5th – midnight, New Years Eve, Diwali and Chinese New Year – 1am
  4. Notify neighbours
    Remember not everyone likes fireworks, so let your neighbours know if you are having a display particularly if it is not on Bonfire Night or New Year’s Eve, and especially if they have pets, young children or may be alarmed by the sudden noise of fireworks. If your neighbours know fireworks are going to happen they have a chance to keep pets inside, or look after young children etc.
  5. Never return to a lit firework.
    If a firework fails to start, or stops halfway through DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RE-LITE IT.
    Leave the firework in place for at least 20 mins and then douse with water.
To find out more about who the Round Table organisation are and what they do to help local communities, please visit the Round Table website. www.roundtable.co.uk